Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Hello everyone 🙂

I’m back with another review and this time it’s my current favourite for the summer – the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation.

I bought this last year but unfortunately it was the wrong shade for me, so I gave it to my sister and completely forgot about it. However whilst I was wandering through Boots the other day it caught my eye once again, and I’ve worn it everyday since.



What I love about this foundation is that it gives a very natural finish. I have quite dry skin and hate that most foundations end up looking quite ‘cakey’ on me, however this blends into the skin beautifully. It’s also quite a light coverage – perfect for summer heat – but is still buildable if you have a bit more to cover up.

The shade range is pretty decent, although it could include some darker shades (I know it’s drugstore but that’s a great way to stand out as a good brand). It also contains SPF 20 which is always an added bonus.

The only thing I dislike about this product is the packaging – is a pump really that hard to add? I really don’t like just pouring foundation onto my hand; it’s unhygienic and wastes product. Revlon really needs to up their game with their foundation packaging.

Overall, I’d say I’m very impressed with the Nearly Naked foundation and it will definitely be this year’s summer staple for me. Does anyone have another staple summer foundation?


Amy x


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