Panini | A Quick and Easy Lunch

Hello everyone 🙂

A quick foodie post for you today as I’m currently on the train to West Wales (plenty of posts coming your way this week!).

When I’m in need of a quick, easy lunch, I almost always go for a panini. They’re so versatile as you can choose whatever fillings you’d like, and they’re light enough to still keep you going on a busy day.



I have my own sandwich toaster (the best purchase I have ever made) but if you don’t have one, you can always pop the bread in a toaster and make it that way.

The paninis I use are these ones from Waitrose, but they are sold in almost every supermarket you can find. My usual filling is either ham or spanish chorizo with cheddar cheese – yum!



Hopefully you enjoyed this little post – sometimes it’s nice to get a little inspiration and avoid getting fast food on a busy day. These are also really tasty so I’d recommend trying them.

Be sure to let me know if you try these out 🙂

Amy x


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2 thoughts on “Panini | A Quick and Easy Lunch

  1. Something quick and simple, but good. I think that’s called a staple! For us (my husband is Cuban) this is a very traditional as breakfast and my favorite thing to add is a fried egg.


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