Lyons ‘Coffee Break’ Bags

Hello everyone 🙂

I’m a self-confessed coffee lover. So, when I found these Lyons Coffee Bags I quickly grabbed them. A cup of coffee made in less than 2 minutes? Yes please!


Before I tried these I was afraid that the coffee wouldn’t be as rich in taste or that it would be slightly too watery, however the end result is just like regular coffee.

The actual bag is quite a bit larger than your average tea bag, but letting it brew in your mug for several minutes before removing lets it shrink a little and adds deeper flavour.


Above all, I just love the ease of these coffee bags. When I’ve just dragged myself out of bed on a monday morning I need something quick and simple to wake me up, and this is it.

Have you ever tried these? What do you think?

Amy x

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