My Most Used Brushes


Hello everyone 🙂

I have quite a small yet very well loved brush collection. I use each brush every single day and love the effect that they give. I thought that today I’d give you a rundown of each one.


My Real Techniques brush are by far my favourites. I’m a big fan of the Pixiwoo sisters so when they released a line of makeup brushes I was straight onto that bandwagon.

The brushes I have are the Expert Face Brush (£9.99), the Powder Brush (£12.99), and the Shading Brush (£7.99). I love the Expert Face Brush as it blends foundation beautifully and is also great for cream contour and blush.


These Ecotools brushes are actually from the Essential Eye Set ($7.99) that was originally my mum’s. She never really used them so said I could take them if I wanted. The ones I chose to keep were the Blend brush and the Highlight brush.

The reason I love these brushes isn’t just because they’re great for blending, but also because they’re so tiny! They’re the perfect size for travelling.


I actually don’t have a link for this next brush as I got it from a local budget beauty store (Sorry!). It’s an angled eyeshadow brush that I love using for my eyebrows. It was also only around £3 so a great bargain.

So those are my most used brushes,  there aren’t many of them but they work a treat. Any more recommendations?

Amy x

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