Seventeen ‘Phwoarr’ Paint Heavy Duty Concealer

Hello everyone 🙂

Apart from the ridiculously cheesy name, I love the Seventeen ‘Phwoarr’ Paint Heavy Duty Concealer. It claims to be a ‘heavy duty under eye concealer’, which is definitely the best description.


I know what you’re thinking, a concealer that calls itself ‘heavy duty’? – that’s going to be cakey. But, surprisingly it sits really well. I personally have quite dry skin so I need to apply eye cream before using this, but it very rarely gets cakey and doesn’t look too obvious on the skin.

As the name would suggest, the coverage is amazing. I suffer from bad under eye circles but this covers them up so easily, all I need is a tiny amount of product.



I also really like using this concealer for touch ups as it’s really compact and great for your handbag, and smooths over the skin quickly and easily.

I’d really recommend this concealer to anyone, especially as it’s so affordable. Any other drugstore concealers you’d recommend trying out?


Amy x


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6 thoughts on “Seventeen ‘Phwoarr’ Paint Heavy Duty Concealer

      1. The Fit Me Concealer has about 4 colours I believe? And the Age Rewind has 5, of which 2 of them are for brightening and neutralizing! Some youtubers that I watch really enjoy those 2 concealers as well! 🙂


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