Amazing & Affordable Makeup Brushes

 Hello everyone 🙂

A few weeks ago I was watching this youtube video by Poppy Rawson in which she mentioned some makeup brushes that she’d ordered offline. She claimed that they were super soft and blended foundation really well – basically they looked right up my street. So when I clicked the link and found out that they were only £4.95?? I was very excited to say the least!


I ordered these brushes about 10 days ago and they arrived yesterday, considering they were delivered from Hong Kong that is pretty impressive. They weren’t delivered in the best packaging as the brushes were slightly bent when I opened them, but I just washed them and dried them in the correct position.

The set contains a domed brush, a stippling brush,  two angled buffing brushes and an oval-shaped brush. All of them are great in my opinion, except I am still not sure why there are two of the same angled brush.


My two favourites are the oval-shaped brush (left) and the domed buffing brush (right). I use the right hand brush for buffing in my foundation and getting a very smooth and natural finish, and I use the left hand brush for blending in my concealer under my eyes. The angled brushes are also really good for contouring and cream blush.

I would really recommend buying these brushes, the quality is impeccable considering they are under £5 with free shipping. I’ll put the link below for you so you can have a nose!

Amy x

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2 thoughts on “Amazing & Affordable Makeup Brushes

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    maybe a few tips aswell since i just started??


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