An Ode to the Bobbi Brown Corrector

I’ve already mentioned this beauty on my blog a few times, but I feel that my only holy grail product (as of yet) deserves an honourable mention. The Bobbi Brown Corrector is by far my most-loved and most-used makeup product – the fact that I’m on my third pot should prove that!


For those of you who aren’t familiar with correctors, the aim is to use it as a base for your concealer. It cancels out any blue or green tones as it’s slightly peach-coloured, and it brightens up the eye area to leave you looking youthful and awake.

If I’m fancying a no makeup day but have awful under-eye circles, this is the only product I reach for.


One tip I’d give when using this product is to apply with your finger. As it’s a cream product I find it blends into your skin much better when you use the warmth of your finger tip, plus it also helps to stop creasing.

It may be a little pricey at £19 per pot, but this stuff is incredibly worth it. I use it every single day without fail, which is incredibly unusual for me!

Amy x


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