Cerruti 1881 | My Signature Scent

For the last year I have tried various different perfumes and scents, but always come back to one – Cerruti 1881.


It’s not the most raved-about perfume, but I think it deserves a lot more attention. The scent is feminine, with notes of jasmine, freesia and sandalwood, and although this sounds very floral it still retains a warm and intimate feel. It’s also quite subtle and understated whilst still being noticeable, which makes it perfect for every day.


Another aspect that I love is the beautiful packaging. The unique oval bottle with misted pink glass and a rose gold lid just screams femininity and sophistication. And the fact that this fragrance is still so affordable just blows me away.

I would definitely say that Cerruti 1881 is my signature scent – my boyfriend even knew to buy it for me on my birthday! – although it may change in the future. What’s your signature scent?

Amy x


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