The Best Drugstore Liquid Liner Ever?

Liquid eyeliner has always been the bane of everyone’s makeup routine – shaky hands make for a wonky application, you try to even it out and end up looking like a drag queen (we’ve all been there) – but I think I’ve finally found the perfect liquid eyeliner for only £2.99. Intrigued? Thought so..


I’m a firm lover of felt tip liners as they’re fuss-free and quick for on the go, but I’ve always wanted to perfect liquid liner. I’ve tried many from MAC to Rimmel, but have always struggled to get the perfect wing.

But when I found HelloOctober -the expert of liquid liner – and saw her raving about the Collection Fast Stroke Liner, I thought I’d give it a try. And, the rest is history.


I don’t know what it is about this liner but it’s just so easy. Don’t get me wrong, liner always takes a while to get used to, but this product just glides on with ease and has no signs of streaky-ness.

The formula is also really long-lasting but still easy to remove at the end of the day, which is a big bonus for me. The packaging is really nifty as well so perfect to keep in your makeup bag for a day to night changeover.


Probably my favourite thing about this eye liner is the applicator – the nib is thick enough to give you plenty of control, but pointed so that you can create the perfect cat eye flick. I love it! (if you couldn’t already tell)

If you steer clear away from the trickiness of liquid eyeliner I would definitely recommend trying this one out. You might be surprised how well it works. It also comes in four colours including a brown for a softer look.

Amy x


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