Discovering Old Favourites

Whenever I sort out my bedroom and rearrange my makeup storage, I always seem to come across old makeup products – or even ones from only a few months ago – that I used to adore and reached for everyday single day. But as you come across new products, the favourites get pushed aside.

When searching through my drawers yesterday, I found three products that I either loved or never really got a chance to try.


Sleek i-Divine ‘Au Naturel’ Palette, £7.99

As the first and only Sleek palette I’ve ever tried, I was really impressed with ‘Au Naturel’. It has everything you need for both everyday and night time looks, and my favourite shade has to be the champagne/rose gold shimmer that I used to wear everyday without fail. You can probably see from the photo how well used this palette was, and I have no idea why I stopped using it because the formulas of the shadows are fantastic. I definitely need to give this some more love.


Sleek Blush in ‘Flushed’, £4.49

Onto another Sleek product (this seems to be a recurring theme?) that is amazing but really needs some more love – their blusher in ‘Flushed’. The quality for these blushes is incredible considering they’re under £5, so if you haven’t tried them I really recommend you to! This shade is the perfect natural blush shade as long as it’s used sparingly – be warned, it’s very pigmented. As it’s winter I’m sure I’ll be getting more use out of this beautiful burgundy shade.


Rimmel ‘Brixton Brown’ 5 Pan Eyeshadow Palette, £6.99

I have to admit, I completely forgot that I even bought this palette. I got it on a whim after seeing I Covet Thee raving about it on her blog, and although the shades are completely stunning I never found an opportunity to wear it. Now that I’m a bit more adventurous with my eye makeup I’ve started using it much more, and I particularly love the super shimmery champagne and the really unique rust shade in the middle that would be great for a winter party. Tutorial anyone?

Amy x


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