MaxFactor Clump Defy Mascara

As my Benefit They’re Real is on it’s very last, clumpy legs, it was about time I tried out a new mascara – and this time I fancied something from the drugstore.



And the mascara that I randomly plucked from the array of counters in Boots was the Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara. I’ve heard many good reviews of this product and Max Factor’s selection of mascaras in general, so I was intrigued to try it myself.

It claims to give plenty of volume and separation  with no sign of clumps thanks to the precisely designed plastic bristles that comb through every lash.


I have to be honest, when I first used this I was left a little.. disappointed. I’m a big, voluminous lash loving girl, and when I used this it was nice, but nothing special. However, I persevered, and started to realise that this mascara is actually a real gem.

The best attribute to this mascara is that you can layer and layer to get lashes as full as you desire. There honestly is no sign of clumping when I use this mascara – the brush is just so well designed and works perfectly with my lashes. Another great thing about it is the curl and definition that it gives. My lashes have never looked so curled and fluttery before,  let alone stayed that way all day.


So, lesson of the day? Perseverance. Even if you don’t like a product at first, give it a chance and it might become a holy grail (obviously don’t continue use if it causes irritation!)

If you haven’t tried this out yet I’d definitely recommend it, £10.99 is slightly pricey for the highstreet but personally I feel it rivals some very good high end mascaras that are almost twice the price!

Amy x


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