L’Oreal True Match ¦ Lightweight Coverage from the Drugstore

When it comes to foundation I really struggle. I hate feeling like I’ve got too much makeup on so often opt for very lightweight bases and steer clear of cakey full coverage products. But then I have to deal with finding a shade that actually matches my skin. Something which can be a nightmare on  a drugstore budget.

However, I think I may have finally found a product that fits all of my criteria. Behold: L’Oreal True Match.


When I first heard the hype about this foundation a few years ago, just hearing the words “full coverage” put me off completely. I’m more of a ‘natural’ makeup kind of girl, and even though the shade range for this line is really amazing for the drugstore/highstreet, I just didn’t think it was for me.

However this year there are a few events planned where I’m going to need a bit more coverage. So, I took the plunge and tried it out –  and was pleasantly surprised.


What surprised me the most about this foundation is how lightweight and silky it feels on the skin. It gives almost a satin finish which looks really lovely and natural. It blends beautifully, matches my very pale skin (I bought the palest shade available – obvs) and provides a decent medium buildable coverage.

Even when I’m not feeling like wearing too much makeup, I can mix this with my Soap and Glory Bright Here Bright Now Cream to give an even lighter finish. It’s worked really well for me so far and lasts pretty well even on my t-zone.

I know that at £9.99 this foundation isn’t the best price for the drugstore, but considering the quality (and the actual use of a  pump!) I’d say this could definitely be a high end product.

What do you think? Are you a true match convert?

Amy x


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