Makeup Revolution | First Impressions

Makeup Revolution is a brand that has been causing quite a stir in the blogging world recently. Affordable, good quality products in sleek black packaging was what I was promised, and they certainly lived up to expectations.


The fact that these products are all under £4 blows me away – the quality of these is truly amazing considering the price and you get a decent amount of product for your money.

I also really like the packaging. The black and gold makes it appear less cheap and although the plastic casing is a little light, it’s understandable considering the low price point. The brow kit however feels really luxurious and weighted, making it feel much more expensive than £2.50.



Focus & Fix Brow Kit in Medium – £2.50

Starting with my favourite product of the three, MR’s brow kit is a true gem. It comes with three shades and a wax, along with mini tweezers and a brush. The latter are a bit naff and useless in my opinion, but handy for travelling.

What I love about this are the shades – the dark brown is the perfect match for my brows and I love using the top right for when I want a more subtle brow look. I don’t use the top left shade much, but the great thing about these are that they also work really well as matte eyeshadows.

Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in  C1 Ultra Fair – £3.50

My collection is lacking in cheek products at the moment, so I thought I’d pick up their contour kit. The three powders are all well pigmented and blendable, but on my pale skin the bronzer is just slightly too orange so I was a bit disappointed considering this is the ‘ultra fair’ shade. The blush and highlight, however, are really lovely shades. The highlighter is a not-too-shimmery champagne shade that adds a lovely glow, and the blush is a classic soft pink that suits all. A really great palette for those of you just starting out.

I ♡ Makeup All Day and Night Liner in One Sin Too Many? – £1.99

I’m slightly ashamed to admit that before buying this I actually didn’t have a black kohl liner – I know, what’s wrong with me? The liners come in a good range of colours and I have to say I love the creative names. The pigmentation is great and the formula is super creamy to apply, but this does tend to smudge so I’d set with a black eyeshadow if you’re going for a smokey eye. This liner is okay, but nothing special. If you are on the market for a budget eyeliner though I would definitely recommend the Rimmel Scandaleyes.

So there we have it, I have to say I’m pretty impressed with Makeup Revolution’s offering so far and I’ll definitely be trying more soon. If you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!

Amy x


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