New Look Do Perfume?!

New Look has always been a beloved highstreet brand here in the UK (the kind of shop you can always rely on for a last-minute outfit or pair of heels), and in recent years they have really stepped up their game. Their clothes are of better quality and (in my opinion) suit a wider range of styles and shapes, but they’ve also began to experiment with beauty too.

The collection is called Pure Colour, and although none of the makeup range really caught my eye, their line of affordable fragrances – all  under £10?! – certainly did.


There are four fragrances in the new range, and I went for Pure Blush, described as a ‘Sultry, fresh oriental fragrance with a citrusy twist’.


To me, this scent feels very feminine and light, which is perfect for everyday. The scent only lasts about 1-2 hours which can be a let down, but considering this only costs £7.99 I think that’s pretty reasonable.


Personally, I quite like the bottle. It’s hardly a showstopping design, however it looks classy and elegant, and looks lovely displayed on my dressing table.

Overall I’m rather impressed with this offering from Newlook and think it’s great that their following in the footsteps of Topshop and bringing us some more affordable beauty options on the highstreet. I’ll definitely be picking up some of their makeup range to review for you all, any recommendations so far?

Amy x


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