Sunday Comforts | Chilling Out & Photo Wall

This Sunday is going to be a chilled, relaxing and lazy day off for me. Sometimes the stress and the worry during the lead up to exams just all gets a little too much, so it’s nice to have a day to just do nothing and eat a shit ton of biscuits.


So, today’s post is quite rambly and random – sorry! – but I just wanted to give you a little peak at some new things I’ve added to my room. Because it’s so busy around here this year it’s taken months to actually get anything done in my room. It’s still not finished, but a few weeks ago I ordered some little polaroids from Polabora to decorate my wall with.

I was really impressed with how quick they arrived and the service was great. The polaroids are really good quality and are nice and glossy so look really polished up on the wall. They’re a growing company, so go and give them a little hand by checking out their website!


I also added some images from the many Glamour and Company magazines that I’ve collected over the years to make a mini pinterest-style photo wall. I’ll definitely be adding to it soon but I’m quite happy with how it turned out!

If any of you know of any good interior design blogs or pinterest boards then please let me know! I’m looking for some room inspiration 🙂

I hope you all enjoy your lazy (or busy) Sunday! And happy Mothers Day to everyone who celebrates it 🙂

Amy x


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