My Current Favourite Blogs | Lipsticks and Biscuits

As well as writing my own blog posts, I am a huge reader of other blogs. I am constantly refreshing my Bloglovin feed (I’ve even downloaded it on my boyfriend’s phone – just in case) and there are several bloggers that I absolutely love, and give me serious style-envy. So, I thought I’d share them with you if, like me, you’re broke and staying in this Friday night. Enjoy!

hellooctober collage

Suzie from HelloOctober

Brighton-based Suzie’s blog is probably my favourite to read at the moment, and that is a big statement to make. Her dreamy photography gets more and more flawless with every post, and her content is always so down to earth and relatable. Plus I’m in love with her little puppy Nala – so cute!

whatoliviadid collage

Liv from What Olivia Did

This girl gives me serious style envy – I came across Liv’s blog only a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with her personal style. She manages to effortlessly pull off smart-casual every time, and I always love her gorgeous, vintage backgrounds. She’s quickly become one of my main fashion inspirations, plus she seems super nice which is always a bonus.

lily pebbles collage

Lily from Lily Pebbles

Whenever I’m in need of a brutally honest, do-I-really-need-this? kind of review, I can always count on Lily. Every product I’ve tried from her recommendations have become firm favourites in my makeup bag, and anyone with a bronze eyeshadow obsession like me is my kind of gal. I also love her recipes – her Brookies post literally changed my life.

inthefrow collage

Victoria from IntheFrow

I don’t whether it’s the fact that I wish I was gutsy enough to have mermaid-purple hair, but Victoria’s blog just makes me want to cry every time I read it. Her personal style, although outside my comfort zone, is just perfection, and she always looks flawless. I also loved her coverage of this year’s London Fashion Week with backstage photos and a concise overview of each of the shows.

milkteef collage

Emma from milkteef

Unfortunately Emma doesn’t post as frequently as she used to, which is a real shame as she’s one of the first bloggers I ever followed. Her blog photography is to die for and I particularly loved her latest post on National Women’s Day. I really hope she comes back soon, because I am a huge fan of her posts.

So there’s a little insight into my top 5 blogs at the moment. Hopefully it gave you a little inspiration if you’re looking for more blogs to read, and if you have any you’d like to share please leave them below. I am a blog-aholic after all 😉

Amy x


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