I Have Some Explaining to Do… | Catch-up Time

Someone please tell me how it is already JUNE? On Thursday I finished my last ever (hopefully) A Level exam and I’m still struggling to get my head around it.

I don’t know if it’s just the perfectionist in me, but to anyone else who’s just finished their exams, do you feel as weird as I do not doing anything? Right now I’m sat on the sofa watching Friends and blogging away cuddled up in a blanket, yet I feel like I should be doing something. It’s so strange!

Anyway, seeing as it’s been months since I’ve actually had the time or energy to even open up wordpress, I felt like I should give you guys a little catch up seeing as a lot has happened recently, hope you enjoy!


1. I’ve been lusting after Prada’s Candy Perfume for years now, so when my boyfriend surprised me with this little beauty I was over the moon – he’s a good egg isn’t he? The scent is really feminine and fun, and as it’s quite a luxury one I prefer to save it for special occasions. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re feeling like treating yourself (or a loved one!)

2. I found such a cute phone case on the Iconemesis website, and as a coffee lover it pretty much fits me perfectly. I’m a sucker for illustration so I really love how detailed the design is, plus it was on sale at around £6 which was a bargain considering the quality!

3. When I spotted this in River Island yesterday I literally grabbed and ran to the till. I’m completely obsessed with friends and love this t shirt to death. Also, is it just me or are River Island killing it with their new in summer line? I can’t go in there without grabbing at least half the shop…

4. I PASSED MY TEST! I still can’t believe I passed, and with no minors too! I also have my own little car full to the brim with pug air fresheners (hehe)

5. God this feels like ages ago now! I had my last Art exam in April and this was the final outcome. Definitely the piece that I am most proud of 🙂

6. Some new makeup bits I’ve been trying out lately. *SPOILERS* I love them all!

I’m so sorry I’ve been M.I.A the last few months. Now my exams are over I’ll finally be able to put the effort into my blog that I’ve always wanted to, so make sure you stay tuned!

Amy x


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