Makeup Tips for Freckles | Lipsticks & Biscuits

Freckles are something I’ve always had to put up with. It seems like those who don’t have freckles love them, but those who are ‘blessed’ tend to see them more as a burden.

As you’ll see from these photos, my freckles range from very dark and prominent to more subtle and soft. The most frustrating thing about having them is that it can make makeup – especially foundation – application rather tricky. If you try to cover them up completely they end up looking ‘caked’ and always end up showing through, but by using sheerer bases you can’t achieve the coverage that you may desire for special events etc.


So, I thought I’d share some of the tips I’ve discovered over the years and hopefully they can help!




1. One trick that I almost always use on a daily basis is to mix my favourite foundation with a bit of my favourite moisturiser. It helps to thin out the foundation slightly whilst still retaining the coverage and finish that you want, plus you can customise the ratio between the two to find your perfect finish. My personal favourite moisturiser to mix with is the Garnier Moisture Protect for Dull Skin as it adds a nice glowy complexion and is lightweight.

2. If you have quite a pale complexion, warming up the skin and adding a bit of glow can help to accentuate your freckles and create an overall sunkissed look, therefore helping you use them to your advantage.My favourite products to do this at the moment are the Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose and the Benefit High Beam.

3. And finally, embrace them! Trying to cover them up completely almost never works, and also requires way too much effort than should be necessary on a daily basis. You may hate them, but they are part of you, and the sooner you embrace their beauty and uniqueness the sooner you can find a makeup routine which suits you and that you feel comfortable. Plus, there must be a reason that people envy them!

Amy x


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