A Bedroom Decor Update

After spending practically the whole school year surrounded by books, revision notes and random sheets of paper, I felt it was necessary to finally pay a little attention to my room.

The last few weeks I have been constantly stalking pinterest boards, home hauls and interior design blogs – I’ve become a little obsessed – trying to find inspiration for my room, and I think that I’m finally (maybe) happy with it. I can’t help it, I’m a bit of a perfectionist…




I love having a clean white background in my room, it looks so fresh and means that I can have a mix and match of colours on my walls etc. I showed you a few weeks ago my little photo wall, and now I’ve made a few new editions – including one of the photobooth photos from my Summer Ball last week (see pictures here)



As you can probably tell I’m in serious need of another Muji order – I’m struggling to fit in all my makeup, and this isn’t even all of it! I also bought this cute little flower pot from Wilkinsons the other day which just adds some life to my room. Yes, they’re fake, I can’t be trusted with real ones!



Only half way through the year and I’ve finally managed to put up my calendar! It’s by the amazing Rob Ryan whose one of my favourite artists, and I just love the intricate patterns and designs. Definitely check out his other work too!


And lastly is this adorable bedding which, surpisingly, is from Primark. I’ve been really impressed by their homeware recently, the cute pastel colours and quirky designs make for the perfect summer home. If I could I’d probably buy all of it…

So that’s what I’ve done to show a little more love to my room, and I think it’s going really well! Let me know if you like these posts and I might do some more updates in the future 🙂

Amy x


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