Rediscovering Bourjois Healthy Mix | Lipsticks and Biscuits

The other day I just felt like I need to try a new foundation. I was bored of the bases I’d been using and felt like my routine needed a bit of a refresh. So after half an hour wandering around Boots, I ended up coming out with a foundation I’ve already owned – typical


I had the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation almost two years ago. I loved the natural, glowy finish, however I felt it was a little too yellow on my skin tone and so neglected it.

However, this time around I am loving it for some reason.


The gel/serum hybrid formula means that this foundation smooths onto the skin with ease – something I always look for due to my dry/sensitive skin – and the end result gives a beautiful glow and radiance.

Although the lasting time isn’t that great, as long as you use a primer and set with a good powder it can last up to about 6 hours. I have to mention aswell that the pump and the amazing fruity scent are added bonuses…


The only annoying thing about this foundation is the shade range. Bourjois are always a little disappointing with their selection of shades as they all tend to be on the yellow side, however with a little blending I can just get away with the palest shade. Pale girl problems.

Overall, this is a great drugstore foundation. It feels much more expensive and high-end than it actually is, and I am definitely seeing the hype this time around. If you tried and neglected, definitely give this one another go. And if you’re a newbie, go for it!

Amy x


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