The Summer-Autumn Style Transition | Lipsticks & Biscuits

I think Autumn is my favourite time of the year – a fresh start, cold and crisp weather, and of course an excuse to buy more stationary.

But I think the best part about autumn is most definitely the style change. I’d say my style is quite classic and simple – I basically live in jeans, stripes and jumpers – so this time of year is when I can ditch the shorts and whip out the layers (thank god).


One of the many striped tops in my wardrobe, this Primark steal is definitely one of my staples for Autumn. The material is light and thin, meaning that it fits perfectly with the spontaneous September weather we always seem to get here in the UK, with a sheer blouse underneath that just pokes out at the bottom to add a little sophistication. This is my go-to for smart/casual, and at only £6 it was a complete bargain.

Autumn is also finally a valid excuse to wear darker and cooler shades, no more guilt for wearing black all day every day! I just pair this with some black jeans and sandals and I’m good to go. See, I told you I like simple…


As far as makeup goes, the products pretty much stay the same, it;s just the shades that have changed for me. I’m still loving my Bourjois Healthy Mix, but instead of bronzing up the skin I prefer to add a light blush and highlighter to make the look a bit more fresh.

With the eyes I’ve been trying to experiment a bit more, but you can’t beat a champagne eyeshadow and mascara – especially as it suits every single season.


And for lips, I am more than happy to be breaking out the plum and berry shades again, going for my favourite KIKO Velvet Mat Satin lipstick  in Dark Berry (review here).

I’ll hopefully be posting more outfit photos soon, so let me know if you like this kind of post!

Amy x


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