Poundland MAKEUP? | Lipsticks & Biscuits

I know, I’m a little gobsmacked too. I spotted the little counter of makeup a few weeks ago when I had popped into Poundland to get some digestive biscuits for a cheesecake (recipe currently being tested – hopefully coming on the blog soon!)

I was a little taken away, and after spending some time swatching and sniffing I came away with a lipstick and an eyeliner to test the waters. I thought it would be best to stay simple!

And I have to say, I am quite impressed with how they turned out…


As you can probably guess, these were only £1 each. £1! I was a tiny bit skeptical at first but after testing both of these products out I can say that they are a complete steal, and would definitely be worth a lot more in Boots or Superdrug.

The packaging is okay – it obviously feels a little cheap but the black and white branding makes it feel as luxurious as you can get for a pound.



I was a little overwhelmed with the lipsticks – there were quite a few colours, but not very many everyday-pink shades that I tend to gravitate towards. So, I decided to step a little outside of my comfort zone and go for a bright pink. After all, it was only a pound, so not much wasted if it didn’t really suit me.

The shade is 11 Raspberry Smoothie, and is actually really flattering and easy to wear. This formula – dubbed the All About the Pout Colour Moisture Lipstick – definitely needs a liner underneath as it’s got quite a bit of slip to it, but it has a nice satin finish and feels comfortable on the lips. The lasting power isn’t great, but if you spend time blotting and lining, you can get away with about 2 hours of wear.

I’d say that this is a real bargain. It may not have the best lasting power, but for those of us on a budget, you can’t really complain!



I also decided to pick up the Pro Liquid Eyeliner as my Collection one was beginning to dry out, and am actually really impressed with the formula. The application can be rather tricky as it has quite a weird shape, almost like a mini paint-brush? It’s definitely one for more experienced eye-liner users, but the actual formula and longevity of this liner is a real gem. It lasts all day with no smudges, and goes on completely opaque.

If it weren’t for the dodgy brush, this would definitely be a contender for my beloved Collection liner!


They may not be perfect, but these offerings from Poundland have definitely surprised me. If you’re currently on the lookout for budget makeup, I’d definitely give this one a try!

Amy x


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