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When perusing the aisles of Superdrug the other day I was surprised to find a new display of lipsticks from Rimmel. I hadn’t (and still haven’t really) heard anything about these in the blogging world, so thought I’d pick them up and give my thoughts.


Rimmel claims their new The Only One Lipstick to be a ‘no compromise all in one lipstick’, which provides both comfort and moisture, as well as packing a punch in pigment and longevity. These are some pretty big promises, so I was intrigued to try these out.

I decided to pick up a pinky nude and a dark red – both perfect for the season. I have to say I very much prefer the packaging of these to their usual line. It’s much more edgy and sleek, but still reflects their classic branding with the iconic logo engraved on top. I also like that you can see the colour of the actual lipstick on the outer packaging, making it easier to grab and go – it’s the little things eh?


So onto the formulas. I have to say, these are pretty impressive but at the same time they vary between shades. The nude, It’s A Keeper, has a sheen to it and almost a shimmery finish. Whilst the red, One of A Kindis much more matte and velvety, and is much more pigmented.

The finishes are quite different, however they feel very similar on the lips – in that they both feel very comfortable and replenishing, almost like you’re wearing nothing at all. They glide on to the lips very easily, but this also means that the ‘slanted’ bullet that was created for ‘effortless application’ actually makes it quite difficult to apply, especially with the darker shade. I would say to definitely use a lip liner with these!


In terms of longevity, I was actually rather pleasantly surprised. I wore the darker lipstick out for lunch a few days ago and after completely forgetting that I was even wearing lipstick, I was shocked to see that it stood it’s ground quite well. There was a bit of wear obviously but no smudging – which is always what puts me off wearing a bold lip.

Although these lipsticks do have their drawbacks, and they’re slightly pricier than Rimmel’s other lipstick offerings, these really are some good additions to the highstreet. I wouldn’t go as far to say that they are the ‘Only One’ for me, but with a both comfortable and pigmented formula that manages to stay put, you can’t really complain. If you’re thinking of giving these a try, I’d say go for it!

Amy x


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