A New Year, A New Fragrance

As the year draws to a close, I’m someone who likes to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Fresh being the appropriate word, as this year I decided to treat myself to a stunning new fragrance.


For the last few years I have sworn by Cerruti’s 1881, a fun floral scent with an affordable price tag. But as I have grown and matured throughout the last year, so has my taste.


I wanted something more fresh and sophisticated, but still youthful and me. While wandering around duty free in Barcelona Airport, I came across this beautiful bottle designed by Stella McCartney. I wasn’t overly familiar with her fragrance collection, but recalled hearing various praise from ViviannaDoesMakeup‘s blog a few years ago.

So, one spritz of the Stella Eau de Toilette later, it was instant love.


This is a rather unique scent, with citrus notes of mandarin and frozen lemon combined with Bulgarian rose essence and violet. Stella says that she balanced these notes using ‘watery tones of freesia’ in order to create a ‘soft, dewy feeling’, something which I have never encountered in a perfume previously.


This is a scent I never I thought I’d go for, but for some reason it just works. I feel like the fresh, modern tones of this fit in perfectly with the person I aim to become, while the fruity elements still capture the person I’ve always been.

And I can’t dedicate a post to this perfume without mentioning that gorgeous packaging. I love everything about the bottle – the blush nude is soft and feminine, but the polka dots add a little playfulness from the iconic brand. Not only is it beautiful on my dressing table, but the slim design means that it’s practical on the go aswell.

I really don’t have anything negative to say about this latest splurge, although I do need to slow down otherwise it won’t even last me to the New Year!

Amy x


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