Hello, 2016

December was a rather hectic month for me this year – as soon as we got back from Barcelona it was suddenly Christmas, New Year’s Eve and now it’s the 3rd January 2016. Crazy.


I had planned on writing and filming some really exciting posts and videos in December, but unfortunately life just got in the way. December was also the month that a lot of people I know found out about my blog (I had always kept it to myself) which was a weird experience for me. All of a sudden I felt pressured to create, which made it a bit daunting if I’m honest.

But with a new year comes a new start, and I feel more inspired than ever to write in this little section of the internet. I need to learn to stop being embarrassed about putting myself out there, and give this blog a little more love.

I’m not really doing resolutions this year, but I do have a few goals that I want to set myself that I think will definitely be beneficial in the long run. If any of you have posted about your resolutions for the new year please leave it below, I love reading them!

2016 GOALS: 

  • Aim to write two blog posts and upload one video per week – productivity and a routine is something I need to pick up desperately!
  • Get back into art and painting – this used to be an amazing outlet for me, but ever since finishing A Level I’ve neglected my favourite past time, and I’m determined to pick it back up again.
  • Document my baking – I know that I often post my favourite bakes on here, but I want to start documenting them in a book. There’s just something so special about actually writing down your trials and tribulations, and I think it would be fun to look back on in the future.
  • Get a Spanish tutor – I didn’t realise how easily I would lose my Spanish skills, and considering that I’m going to University in September I really need to pick it back up. I also miss learning about my favourite subject!


Happy New Year



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