My Macbook Air

I can’t even contain my excitement. I’ve been glued to this screen since it arrived at half past 7 this morning – it’s now 11.52am – and I’ve just fallen in love with the simplicity and the aesthetic beauty of the Macbook Air.


I had my previous laptop for nearly six years (I’m surprised it even lasted that long!) and had been aching to buy a new one for quite some time. I also often found myself getting frustrated with my PC as everything just seemed such a hassle.

After saving for quite some time, I decided to finally bite the bullet and invest in an Apple computer – and so far, I am very happy that I did. I much prefer the ‘Dock’ layout as it’s much more organised and aesthetically pleasing, and the whole look of the computer just appeals to me much more than my previous.

I also love how lightweight and slimline this computer is; it’s so much easier to travel with which I imagine will be very beneficial when I start University later on in the year. And I have to say I am very excited by how much this laptop has already inspired me to improve my blog and YouTube content – I have new software to play with and I cannot wait to make some new posts and videos.

I know that I’ve only had this for approximately five hours, but it’s safe to say, this is love.

Amy x


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