Batter Up | Effortless Eyeshadow from the Balm

Recently I feel like I’ve had no time – I’m always rushing off to work or somewhere else, and feel like I never have enough time to do my hair, let alone my makeup. So whenever I see an easy/time-saving product I’m all for it.


And my newest time-saving discovery is the Balm’s Batter Up Eyeshadow Stick. I first heard about this on Amelia Liana’s channel, and when I swatched them at the counter I knew it would be love.

The collection is made up of 8 beautiful shades – I honestly had such a hard time picking just one! – and promises to provide a long wearing, high pigment, multi-tasking base. It’s marketed with a baseball theme which I find a little bit strange, I’m not really sure how it links to the product but it’s fun nonetheless!


After much deliberation, the shade that I picked up was Shutout – an everyday, neutral bronze that complements my blue eyes and can also provide as a base for some smoky evening makeup.

It’s safe to say I love this eyeshadow. It’s just so easy to use when you’re in a rush – one swipe over the lid, a little blend with your finger and you’re done. It just adds a nice wash of colour and defines the eyes really well. Obviously you can use this for a more sophisticated makeup look, but for a girl on the go, you can’t really go wrong with this.

If you live in the UK you can get these in your local Debenhams, and they’re also currently available on ASOS which is handy. I haven’t tried much from the Balm in the past but I’ll definitely be trying out some more from their range! And also, maybe a few more shades of these beauties…

Amy x


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