A Special Date Night @ Ashley’s on the Forge

Last week my boyfriend and I decided to go on a spontaneous date night, and happened to choose a newly opened restaurant only three doors down from his house – Ashley’s on the Forge.


Seeing as this is a very new restaurant, we were fairly surprised to see it was almost full when we walked through the door, and we only just managed to get a table.

I took the photo above towards the end of our meal when a rather large party had left – as you can see the decor is lovely and very chic, much more sophisticated than I’d expected to find here in Pontypool!


For starters we both had the Chicken & Chorizo skewers which were basically all my favourites things combined. The meat was deliciously juicy and the single skewer was the perfect portion and a great start to the meal.


And now for the main attraction – for the main course I went for the Jack Daniels Glazed BBQ Ribs and oh my god were these amazing. Granted I only made it about a third of the way through them, but how I wished I could have eaten them all.

My boyfriend chose the Pork Loin Steak, and although he said it was amazing, he definitely wished he’d gone for my dish! (mwa-ha-ha)



Ahh the desserts – I’ve been dreaming about them ever since! By the time we’d got there most of the desserts had already gone, but we managed to get the Lemon Tart and the Syrup Sponge – both of which were heavenly.

And would you believe that we had all three courses for only £14? Such high quality food and presentation for such a low price – and the atmosphere and staff were just as lovely as our meals. If you live anywhere close, I would highly recommend a visit to Ashley’s, even if it’s just for those ribs!

Amy x


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