Starting My Bullet Journal

When I first read about the bullet journal, the idea seemed a bit foreign to me. Since I was little I have started and never finished so many diaries and journals that I’ve lost count, but this seemed like a completely different ball game. And after looking through more raving blog posts and video tutorials, I realised I’d found my organisational dream.


I think the beauty about this journal is that you can customise it completely to your needs. Personally, I wanted somewhere to keep track of all my personal appointments and work schedules, but also to plan my blog and YouTube uploads in a more efficient way. And so far, it’s worked really well for me.

I decided to follow the crowd and picked up the much hyped Leuchtturm Medium Notebook, and I am very happy that I did. The contents and page numbers add the structure you need, and the dotted pages give you creative freedom, but gives you margins if necessary. I love it, and will definitely be buying more of these notebooks in the future.

When I first started bullet journaling I felt a little lost, and found that seeing how other people had laid out their journals was very helpful. So I’ve shared snippets of my journal below for you, just in case!


Pretty self-explanatory really, but I decided to spruce up my contents page with a little doodle at the top.


Not exactly necessary, but I like having the whole year laid out. Plus, it’s pretty to look at!



Having a blog post and video schedule has definitely helped me be more regular with uploads, and also a bit more creative with my content. These are still a work in progress though, as you can see there are a few posts that never made it onto the blog (and a few you haven’t seen yet – what a tease!) So I’m thinking of putting a together a type of brainstorming page – I’m just not really sure where to start with it!


I like to think of the monthly logs as starts to new chapters aka months. As with all the pages I like to make the title nice and pretty, and often add a nice doodle on the side. This is basically where I lay out all of my plans for the month, including my working hours. Makes going through my payslip much easier too!


I had to do some ‘clever’ cropping here to avoid posting some rather personal info on the internet (well done Amy) but here is how I lay out my daily logs. I’m still playing around with the little date illustrations, but most days are laid out the same.

Little asterisks show any events or important things to remember that day, and I nearly always have a little TO-DO checklist – which has also made me so much more productive with my day. And on this day you can see I did a little bit of Spanish prep as I had a lesson with my tutor. Someone Spanish will probably tell me where I’ve made an error now! 😉

So that’s it so far for my bullet journal. I enjoy reading about how other people have set up theirs so thought it would be nice to share mine with you. And even if you aren’t planning on doing your own, it’s always fun to look at new stationary (or is it just me?)

I hope you enjoyed the post! Have a lovely weekend,

Amy x


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