The Perfect Day | Big Walkies Cardiff 2016

This isn’t the usual post for me, but I’m still feeling so happy after yesterday that I just had to share it.

Yesterday was the RSPCA Big Walkies event in Cardiff – such a fun day out with an amazing cause, and plenty of gorgeous dogs and puppies to pet! It was literally any dog-lover’s heaven, and we were even lucky enough to meet my favourite YouTubers, the SacconeJoly’s.


I’ve been watching their vlogs everyday for nearly two years now, and it was so surreal to see them in person! But they were honestly just as lovely and down to earth as they appear in the vlogs, and the two-hour wait was definitely worth it in the end!

I felt so star-struck at the time I can’t really remember what I said, I think Jonathan may have even filmed the painting I gave them for the vlog – I guess we’ll find out tonight haha!



As it was such a beautiful day in Cardiff we decided to stay a bit longer and had a late lunch in Bill’s. I went for the halloumi and hummus burger with chickpea and parsley falafels, which were amazing. Also a shoutout to Bill’s Pink Lemonade – so tasty!

It was the perfect end to a perfect day, and we got on the train home with satisfied tummies and a major buzz. So that was my weekend! What did you get up to? 🙂

Amy x


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