The ASOS Wishlist | 2016

I’m writing this post in order to resist the urge to place a rather hefty ASOS order. I highly doubt this will work, but at least you guys will have a new post (and some shopping inspo if necessary!)

Seriously though, there are so many amazing items on ASOS now. I could have made this wishlist much longer but I thought I’d restrain myself (lol no) to just 15 of my top picks right now.

The thing I’m eyeing up the most is the Millie Mackintosh dress but it keeps going out of stock so quick! I’ve been refreshing everyday for a like a week – sob. Also those gold lace up shoes are to die for.

I’ll leave all the links below so you can shop/browse to your heart’s content – have fun!


Denim Mom Shorts | Floral Bikini | Longline Cardigan


Lace Up Sandals | Millie Mackintosh Dress | Blush Jumper


Ripped Slim Mom Jeans | Scallop Cross Body Bag | Satin Pyjamas


Gold Lace Up Flats | Floral Blouse | Lilac Pom-Pom Playsuit


High Bar Mixed Metal Glasses | Ruffle Lace Blouse | Nike Roche Print Trainers

Amy x


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