The Floral Embroidered Bomber

Over the last year or so I feel as though I’ve gotten into a bit of a style rut. There’s only so many variations of striped tops and skinny jeans a girl can buy, and I’ve been trying my best to step out of my style-comfort-zone.


So when I saw this bomber jacket whilst browsing Zara last week it immediately caught my attention. It still emulates my more casual, laid-back style, but the beautiful floral embroidery brings something a little different and makes this a nice statement piece that can be dressed up and down.

Jacket – Zara


As well as being pretty it’s also practical – nice and lightweight, so perfect for summer, but could still be layered as we move into the colder months. Although it was only £30, it feels such good quality and very well made and designed – as I always find with Zara clothing, one of my favourite brands!


I love how easily this jacket transforms an all black outfit, and love the pops of colour in the design. This is such a lovely piece that I’m excited to wear, and although I’m a little nervous as it’s quite ‘out there’, it still feels like me.

Is anyone else out there feeling a little experimental? Any other recommendations would be very much appreciated! 🙂


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