Haircare & Styling Routine | Lipsticks & Biscuits

Hello everyone! In this week’s video I thought I’d show you my haircare and styling routine.

I thought it’d be nice to share some of my holy grail hair products, and also talk a bit about how I care for my recently lightened ends. I even go through how I achieve my go-to loose waves!

I hope you enjoy! Make sure to like and leave a comment if you do, I love reading them πŸ™‚

Amy x


8 thoughts on “Haircare & Styling Routine | Lipsticks & Biscuits

      1. I just assume everyone is either american or sounds like me lol! People say I have an accent which is half essex/cockney and then half like – normal?! x


      2. Lol yeah I’m starting to hear it the more I edit my vlogs, I’m editing now and it’s just so cringe!! Thanks for watching tho – feel free to sub, think I did to yours xox

        Liked by 1 person

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