A Day in London

Last week we took a quick trip up to London to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. We only had one full day in London, but we certainly made the most of it!


Our hotel was a two minute walk away from Waterloo Station, and about 300 yards from Southbank and the London Eye – basically, the perfect location.

We ended up taking the tube to Oxford Circus and spent some time on Regent Street, and then found ourselves wandering through Soho and Carnaby Street – which quickly became my favourite area of London that I’ve visited so far. I loved the mix between high end, well known stores and quirky little café’s and art shops. I’m already dying to go back!



We even managed to stumble upon the Crumbs & Doilies shop, run by one of my favourite baking youtubers Cupcake Jemma. As we were so full from lunch, we only picked up a single Biscoff Pie Cupcake and oh my god. It was easily the best cupcake I’ve ever eaten, and I will definitely be going back for more biscoff goodness!


After going back to the hotel for a bit of a rest, and in my Dad’s case a well needed nap, we headed across the road to the London Eye. We had already done the London Eye several years ago, however my Dad was insistent on doing it again. And I can’t blame him, the views really are spectacular.

The weather was a little overcast so my pictures didn’t turn out as great as I’d hoped. So for most of the half-hour ride I just concentrated on taking in the beautiful London landscape. It really is a stunning city isn’t it?



After our ride on the London Eye we wandered across the bridge and up to Covent Garden for the evening. Covent Garden is another area of London which I just fall more in love with every time. The atmosphere created by the amazing performers coupled with the beautiful surroundings make it the perfect location.

After much deliberation (and frustration!) we finally settled on a Wagamama, much to my dismay. I love a good ole’ Teryaki Donburi, but I wanted to make the most of being surrounded by amazing, exotic restaurants. However my sister’s fussy appetite won, and i have to say my donburi and salted edamame went down a treat.

I actually filmed a little bit of what we got up to if you fancy having a nose, so I’ll leave the video below for you! Hope you all had a lovely weekend 🙂

Amy x


3 thoughts on “A Day in London

  1. Great post and photos! Soho and Covent Garden are my two favourite areas in London. Sometimes, St Paul’s Church in Covent Garden puts on Shakespeare’s plays in their garden (during the summer months). Last year, my sister and I saw the Twelfth Night. It was incredibly hilarious and very well done! I recommend catching a performance there to everyone!

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