KIKO First Impressions & Review

KIKO is a brand that I have always been intrigued by, but can be very difficult to get hold of. If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you’ll know that I adore their Velvet Mat Lipsticks (and wear them practically everyday).

But recently I felt like venturing out and trying a few more products from the line, and so one online order and a week of [im]patiently waiting later these four products landed on my doorstep.


I have been testing these out for a few days now, and even wore them to concert Saturday night, so although I haven’t been using them long I feel like they’ve already been thoroughly tested.




I’m afraid we’re starting with something negative, as I just could not get on with this at all. This is the Velvet Passion Matte Lipstick in the shade ‘Cherry’ which I had high expectations of, but unfortunately the formula just seemed to smudge and bleed out immediately after applying – the process of which was difficult enough anyway!

I found this to be quite patchy and not at all even in pigment, and the formula felt as though it had too much slip in it, which made it difficult to get an even application. The packaging and the actual shade are both great – the bullet-esque lid is very sleek and great for travelling – however, the actual product gets a thumbs down from me. Stick to the Velvet Mats! (currently on sale – heads up!)



I am currently on the hunt for a new volumising mascara and so, after reading some good reviews online, decided to pick up the Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Mascara. First thing to note, the brush on this is ginormous. The plastic bristles are in a ‘special spiral shape’ which is supposed to ‘capture every lash’, but for me the wand is so big that it’s almost difficult to use.

I usually like to really get in there with the mascara, but when I use this I’m so scared I’ll smudge it all across my eyelid that I feel like I have to be really careful. And the end result is okay, but not anything special. It gives nice, fluttery lashes, but personally I like big, bold and spidery lashes. This could be great for someone who loves a more natural look though – it lasted really well, didn’t smudge at all through a 6 hour concert and was easy to take off at the end of the night. Unfortunately, the finish just wasn’t for me.



Finally we can move on to something positive! I really rate this Matte Fusion Pressed Powder – it gives a lovely natural finish to the skin, you hardly feel as though you have any powder on. And as someone who hates that powdery, ‘caked on’ look that you can get from some products, this is just perfect.

It may have a natural finish, but I have definitely noticed a difference in how my makeup has lasted since using this. Everything seems to stay intact for much longer, and I haven’t been getting as shiny in the usual areas of my face, which is always a thumbs up. And can we take a moment to appreciate this packaging? It looks and feels so much more expensive than £12.90, and the metallic compact reminds me of the Ambient Lighting Powders.

Another lovely touch is the embossing in the actual product, something which KIKO like to do a lot and certainly makes a product feel a lot more special! Would highly recommend these if you’re looking for a new powder.



And finally we have the Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil, which I have to admit, I’m a bit undecided on. I had never tried these more angular, slanted brow pencils before and felt that KIKO would be a good place to start, but I’m not sure if I can get on with it.

It feels as though the nib is just too thick – I’m someone who likes to be quite natural and subtle with my brows, but with this it’s very hard not to look like you’ve sharpie’d them on. If I take my time and do a bit of blending it looks alright, and I do like the angular shape for getting a sharper arch to the brows, but I feel as though there are probably better options out there with a lot less fuss involved. Any recommendations?

And so that’s it for this little KIKO Haul/First Impressions. I feel as though this turned out a little more negative than I’d hoped, but I suppose you’d rather have my honest opinion! I am still obsessed with the powder and Velvet Mat lipsticks though, if you can think of any other KIKO products I need to pick up then do let me know!

Have a lovely week 🙂

Amy x


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