Eclairs | Raspberry Ripple & Lemon Drizzle

I actually made these bad boys a whole month ago – seriously, how have I left it this late?  But although it’s the start of Autumn and these are very much a summery treat, I just had to share them with you guys. A lot of work went into planning and making these, and they came out so much better than I was expecting.


A few months ago I ventured into the world of choux pastry with these Salted Caramel Popcorn Eclairs, and boy they were tasty. I’d never made choux before and as it had turned out so well I was eager to try it again.

I wanted to make eclairs again, but a more summery version. And so I went with two of my favourite fruity flavours – raspberry and lemon. Using the choux pastry recipe from before, I decided to go completely experimental with the fillings and decoration. I’ve never been one to ‘wing it’ when it comes to baking, but it actually worked for the best and they were absolutely delicious.


Both varieties are full of flavour and kick, but still have that subtle sweetness that makes an eclair so appealing.


The Lemon eclair is filled with a line of sharp lemon curd and piped crème pâtissière and topped with a lemon glaze and some pearl decorations to add some extra crunch.

And the Raspberry eclair is similarly filled with a line of raspberry jam and piped crème pâtissière, but is topped with a raspberry glaze made from fresh raspberry juice – which provided the bright colour and intense flavour. I then topped each one with the leftover raspberries.


It’s safe to say these definitely went down a treat, and eclairs have become my new favourite bake to experiment with. It goes to show that sometimes it’s worth going out of your comfort zone!

If you’d like to give these a try I have already written up the entire method and process here, I’ve used this recipe three times now and it’s been perfect each time.


Happy Baking!

Amy x


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