Stax Diner, Soho

In my last post I shared some photos from Lew and I’s trip to London last Thursday – you can catch up here if you missed it! – and I also promised you a review of where we went for food, so here we go…


I found Stax Diner whilst looking at some lunch spots to try out in Soho. Having visited briefly last time I was in the area, I was desperate to return to Kingly Court – aka foodie heaven – and so when we found Stax listed on their website, and subsequently started drooling just from the photos, we decided to head there.


Stax is an American Diner which serves everything from breakfast to cocktails, and although the actual main menu is quite refined in terms of size, I’d say there is still a good array of choices.

The prices were also really reasonable – especially considering the portion sizes!


The cocktails sounded very tempting, but in the end I went for the Hawaiian Cooler mocktail and Lew went for the cider of the day which I have to say was delicious and so refreshing. I believe it was called Thistly Cross, an independent Scottish cider which I would highly recommend.


For food Lew and I both went for the ‘Chickadee’ burger, although Lew was at one point considering the Chicken and Waffles which sounded insane (maple syrup and fried chicken??!).

I have to say the fried chicken was by far the best I’ve ever tasted. The buttermilk marinade meant that it was so tasty and juicy, and literally fell apart as I was eating it. I would go back just for the chicken alone!


Along with our burgers we also ordered a side of Cajun fries which were, once again, delicious. Although quite spicy, so be warned!


Everything about Stax was really laid back and cool. I loved the location, the quirky decor – there was a lamp made out of a drumset?! – and the staff were friendly too. When we arrived the diner was packed, but luckily we just about beat the lunchtime rush and our food arrived super quick.

If you’re looking for a quirky, independent diner next time your in the Soho area definitely give this a try. I can’t wait to go back and try one of those cocktails…

Amy x


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