“It’s a whole new world outside of your comfort zone…”

As I am writing this I am sat in front of the departure board in Bristol airport, completely alone.


This is the first time I have ever travelled by plane by myself, and although I feel pretty comfortable in airports, sitting here by myself without anyone to share my excitement/nerves with feels very weird.

The reason I’m here is because I’m travelling to Madrid to be an au pair for the next 7 weeks. I actually only arrived home in this very airport from a holiday to Lanzarote with my boyfriend two days ago. Who would have thought I could be such a jet-setter?

Seriously though, this is very un-me. If you’d told me a year ago that I’d be going off to a foreign city on my own for 7 weeks to live with a family I’d never met, I would never have believed it. Yet, here I am.

I thought that I would be in a real mess today. Yesterday I actually had my first panic attack in over a year – having only one day between both trips was not the best planning on my part – and today I feared the worst. But so far, I feel okay. Obviously I’m nervous and feeling slightly lonely, but it feels like the good kind of nervous – when you have butterflies in your tummy and are filled with an anxious excitement for what lies ahead.

I don’t know how these next weeks will pan out, but I’m happy to say I’m excited and ready for the challenge. As the saying goes…

“It’s a whole new world outside of your comfort zone.”


Amy x


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