Exploring Segovia | Madrid

By far one of my favourite places that I was lucky enough to visit during my time in Madrid was Segovia.


Just an hour’s drive from the capital is this beautiful historic city, filled with stunning architecture and a wealth of culture.



I’ve always been an admirer of architecture, and Segovia is full to the brim of beautiful buildings – medieval walls, a Gothic cathedral, Romanesque churches and of course the iconic Roman aqueduct. If you’re a budding photographer this is definitely the place to visit.



It’s the kind of place where you can just feel all of its history seeping through its walls, as Segovia is one of the few areas in which historical architecture has been preserved. The castle photographed below is actually El Alcazar de Segovia, which provided the inspiration for Cinderella’s castle in Disney World – a fact which, having grown up watching Disney films, I was very happy to discover.



As well as the architecture, I also enjoyed dipping in and out of the many boutique shops which were filled with local produce and art work.


Also impressive is the wealth of cuisine – I was lucky enough to be taken to the famous José María for lunch which has to be one of the most impressive restaurants I’ve ever been to. If you’re not familiar with the restaurant or the way in which they serve their renowned cochinillo, I’d definitely recommend a YouTube search – it’s pretty impressive!



I already can’t wait to return and explore more of this beautiful city, and eat more of its amazing cuisine of course!


Amy x


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